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The tool to make sure that all required jobs are done on this task stage

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Project task checklist

Make sure that everything required is done on this task stage

With this tool you configure project tasks' approval process and to-do lists in the form of dynamic checklists. The idea is to make responsible users do all required jobs and to get confirmation for all essential points. Otherwise, such a task might not be moved forward for further stages. 

Key features

Checklists are stage-specific. It means that approval points vary for different task steps.

Confirmation is required only when a project task is moved forward to the next stage. Odoo will not ask to fill checklist points up in case of downgrade. Besides, for a few stages it is possible to exclude approval, even if a stage is further. 

The tool supports user access rights to prepare a full-featured approval process. Definite checklist points might be confirmed only by specific Odoo user groups according to your choice.  

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

To configure a Task checklist, go to any project stage (in the technical settings) and enter checklist questions on the tab 'Check list'. You might assign a few Odoo user groups, which might confirm this point, or leave the column empty. In the former case, any Odoo user will be able to approve that an action is undertaken.

The checklist item would be required to confirm, when a task is moved from this stage to a further stage. Odoo reveals that a stage is further than this one according to the sequence field (equal or bigger). Try to exclude stages with the same sequence, since, otherwise, project users might face a checklist, even when they are downgrading a task.

Mark a stage as 'No need for checklist', in case a move to this stage doesn't require any sort of approval. For example, it is used for the 'Canceled' stage.