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We love Odoo and our mission is to facilitate its continuous improvement. Thousands of companies worldwide inspire us in that way. Users apply for existing tools and challenge to develop new features. We are lucky with ongoing knowledge of gaps and spaces for enhancement to offer efficient solutions for those. On this website, visitors discover multiple means to take advantage of our luck and efforts.

The main is the online shop, where you will find the Odoo apps required exactly for your business needs. All the tools are created according to our principle to enrich and extend instead of replacing and reinventing the wheel. That is why they are compatible with core modules and they are ready to be installed in your database. For reasonable prices you get the solutions of specific and fully described issues faced earlier by other entrepreneurs. Profoundly tested and approved by real users these apps will save your time and money.

If you had not found a proper tool, do not lose hope. Share your idea in the wishlist. We will analyze whether its realization might contribute to the common benefit of Odoo users. In that case the requirements will be included in plans of our team. Now it is just a matter of time when a new module appears. As soon as the app is programmed, you would receive a notification.

Simultaneously, we know time often matters drastically. Although we can't just change our priorities, there is an approach to speed up the process. Consider splitting with us investments in development. With a limited budget, below standard hourly rates, you might get make-to-order tools and pleasure to contribute for the good of all Odoo users.

Our team is believed to help users efficiently apply Odoo to their business aims.


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