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The extra add-on for product search apps to show inventories by locations

  • At the moment we accept only PayPal payments from individuals
  • The price includes all required Odoo dependencies to start
  • You receive source code as a link to download zip archives

Stock levels in product search results

Show inventories by locations in results of the product search

This is the extra add-on to be used in a number of core product search apps:

Odoo users frequently face troubles to find a proper product, when there are many items in a product list distinguished by specific attributes. Quick search leads to too many options for a rational choice. Advanced search shows no products at all, and it is uncomfortable because of slowdowns and oversaturated interface. The product search tools solve the problems and introduce the fastest possible way to select products within a broad list

This module is a bridge, which add stocks info to a found product view. Its goal is to show available and virtual inventories in search results in general and by locations.

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

The module is an add-on for other product search tools and can not be used stand-alone. It is ready for use as soon as related product screening apps are configured.