Product Vendors through Categories

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The tool to manage vendors massively based on Odoo product categories.

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  • The price includes all required Odoo dependencies to start
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Vendors through product categories

Manage product suppliers in a batch using the categories wizard

This is the tool to change / to add product vendors massively by product categories. The app introduces the special wizard, where you might flexibly configure batch modifications of product suppliers.  

Key features

The tool let assign a new vendor instead of an old one for unlimited number of products. These products are picked up according to selected categories.

Products selection is SQL-optimized and it works fast.

You might both change an old supplier, or optionally create a new one.

It possible to massively update delivery alongside a new supplier. 

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

After installation find the menu 'Change Categories Supplier' under the purchase settings. In order to use the tool, a user should have Odoo purchase manager rights and activated developer mode (technical features).

Take into account the following wizard peculiarities:

  1. The option 'Recursive include children categories' would modify not only products of chosen product categories, but also of all child ones.
  2. The option 'Set supplier if not found' will make Odoo to search for the old vendor, but if not found Odoo will create a new one. Use this option to add a new supplier without replacing at all (in an old supplier field select any 'unreal' vendor).