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The fastest salesperson tool to search and to pick products up in sale quotations

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Smart product search for sales 

Give salespersons a tool to screen Odoo products fast and comfortable

This is the tool to search and pick up products for sale quotations. Odoo salespersons frequently face troubles to find a proper product, when there are many items in a product list distinguished by specific attributes. Quick search leads to too many options for a rational choice. Advanced search shows no products at all, and it is uncomfortable because of slowdowns and oversaturated interface. This Odoo tool solves the problems and represents the fastest possible way to select products in a sale quotation within a broad list of goods

Key features

The product search in sales is configured flexibly by your own: select attributes and fields which are required for salespersons.

It is simple from users point of view: just a few clicks to pick up a required item and add it to a sales order. 

The tool provides all important details: sale prices, descriptions, supplier info, etc.

Screening is optimized and, we believe, it is the fastest possible for Odoo.

The tool motivates to upsell: accessories and alternatives are simply found and selected. 

User friendly product screening

  1. Push the button 'Select products' on a quotation header to start product search. The button is available until order lines are editable

  2. Look at the number of found products in a real time on the special 'Show' button. Enter a new filter value. All many2one fields and product attributes would not let you choose values which lead to zero results. It significantly increases salesperson comfortability and speed of selection

  3. As soon the search leads to a few feasible results, just push 'Show' and find products in a temporary results' table (the tab 'Found products')

  4. Select any and press 'Add' to pick it up to the final table (the tab 'To add'), or firstly observe accessories and substitutes for upselling purposes.

  5. Clear filters through the button, and start the search from scratch. The table 'To add' would not be cleared

  6. Search products as many times as you like, define required quantity, then add them all to a quotation at once.

Odoo product search wizard

Fastest product search possible

The product search is optimized using SQL operators in order to increase speed. Although in case of very big number of products it might be anyway slow, the tool is in dozens times faster than standard Odoo tree view search. 

Beside optimization to avoid picturing slowdowns, results are not shown each time you enter a new search filter. However, you might observe the number of found products on the button 'Show' as a counter.  Do not push the button until the number of results is bigger than 10-20 in order not to make the process slow.

To make salesperson work comfortable, selection filters of attributes and many2one fields are restricted according to the previously chosen filters. It let you select only feasible options.

The search is tested on 30,000 SKUs, and provides results in seconds. 

Screen product details

While searching salespersons might easily access all important details to make a decision:

  1. Individual customer prices with all discounts according to a pricelist
  2. All product descriptions: internal, sale, and purchase
  3. Vendors and product cost
  4. To simplify work, already picked up products are marked blue
  5. Observe stock locations using the extra tool.
Odoo product search details

Upsell tools

  1. As soon as you found a product, try to earn more by offering a few accessories. Just push the button in a found product line to observe supplements
  2. Besides, why not to sell something with a higher margin? Offer one of more expensive alternatives
  3. If the upsell features are not for you, turn them off in the product search settings.
Odoo Accessories in Sales
Odoo Alternatives in Sales

Use cases

The app might be useful, for example, when:
  1. You offer thousands of products with high level of customization
  2. Salespersons frequently consult customers by phone and create quotations in that way
  3. You have troubles with incorrect sale orders and stocks shortage
  4. There is a need to increase profit margins through upselling accessories and alternatives.

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

To start using the app, start with basic setup. Open the Odoo configuration section and find 'Product Search Settings'. Here you might:

  • Define whether to show accessories, alternatives, sale price, and cost in found products info
  • How many alternative product variants to show. Sometimes, for a single template there might be many variants. The product search tries to add the most suitable, but it is better to show at least a few ones.

To configure the product selection tool, you should define attributes and product fields as search filters.

Open the sales settings, the menu 'Product categories and attributes'. Check the box 'Sale Selection' for required attributes. Attributes appear in the search wizard in the same order as they are there.

To configure product fields as search criteria, find under the same menu unit 'Product fields', create a few ones and also check the box 'Sale Selection'. It is possible to use boolean, char, selection, many2one, date, datetime, integer and float fields as pick up filters.

  1. For boolean, selection and many2one fields use the operators '=' & '!='. For many2one the operator '=' supports hierarchy. If you searched for a category, all products of this category and of its child categories would be found
  2. For integer, float, date and datetime fields use the operators '=', '!=', '<', '>'.
  3. For char fields use the operators '=', '!=' and 'ilike'. 

Sales manager is allowed to make these configurations. No technical knowledge is needed.

After configuration do not forget to refresh a page (press Ctrl+Shift+R).