Advanced Numerical Pricing

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The tool to prepare advanced pricing for variants distinguished by numerical attributes (width, heigh, etc.)

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  • The price includes all required Odoo dependencies to start
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The configurator and pricing for numerical attributes values 

Generate numerical attributes (width, height) and make product price depend on their values

This tool is the bundle app, which connects the modules Advanced variant prices and Numerical attributes configurator. With these tools you create product numerical values comfortable and you might apply complex sale formula based on those values. 

Key features

Be flexible in assigning values. Use your own increment, start and maximum values.

It is possible to assign price extras and coefficients for attribute values.

Define how extras and coefficients depend on numerical values. For example, 'Each cm of width make a product $1 more expensive', '2Gb of ORM makes the public price 5% higher', etc. Rely upon detailed hints and examples!

Have different formulas for different numerical ranges. For instance, a multiplier might be different for width from 40 to 80cm and for width from 120 to 160cm.

Calculation example

  1. Imagine you sell a table. Its basic price is $1. Its attributes are height and width
  2. Potential width is from 80 to 100 cm (5cm step), and possible height is from 90 to 100 cm (2cm step)
  3. While width doesn't influence pricing, height has a serious impact. Each centimetre costs $2. Besides, all product variants with defined height costs 1% more in comparison to a template price.
  4. Then, the formula is: [$1 + Height value * $2] + 1%
  5. For example a table 80cm wide and 100 cm high price is = [$1 + $100*$2] + 1% = $203.01

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

The app is ready for use after installation. Learn how to configure sale price formula right in the formula wizard (look at the screenshot above).

Observe other setup tips in the modules Advanced variant prices and Numerical attributes configurator.

Be cautious: the process relies upon Odoo standard mechanics of variants' generation. It might be quite slow. If you have thousands of possible values, either create them in a few steps, or increase Odoo timeout.