Custom Fields for Opportunities

The tool to add new fields for Odoo CRM opportunities without any technical knowledge

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€ 38

The price includes all necessary dependencies = €10 (own price) + €28 (Custom Fields: Core)


Often Odoo opportunity fields are not enough to reflect your sales specifics and CRM use cases, while customization requires developer competences. This tool is introduced to make everything as simple as creating a new document in Odoo. The app let you prepare new opportunity properties fast and comfortable.

  1. Custom Fields for Opportunities - the core app to add fields for opportunities and locate those on backend interfaces. Its price is €10.
  2. Contact Us Form: Custom Fields - free extension to make external users fill custom opportunity fields in the contact us form.

Fields creation without technical knowledge

In order to show a new property for leads and opportunities, just create a custom field. Nothing else is required!
You are welcome to prepare fields of various types: single line text (char), simple text without formatting (text), rich text (HTML-formatted text), integer or float numbers, drop-down choice with your own options (selection), checkbox (boolean), date or date and time, binary (a file to upload), reference to another Odoo document (e.g. for a sale order, contact; many2one.
The rights to create custom fields belong to sales managers.

Simple interface placement

Choose an interface location for a new field from a closed list to structure properties for users.
Make fields required to be entered by merely checking a related box.

Opportunities complementary typology

The tool introduces complementary opportunities' typology. Show fields for leads only of specific types, and do not show for others. Thus set of columns for 'b2b' and 'b2c' opportunities might be different.

Compatible with standard Odoo features

Custom fields might be used in Odoo advanced search to add new filters.
It is possible to import and export custom properties.
Developers can use custom fields in their scripts and view adaptations.

CRM opportunities custom fields
Customize properties of leads and opportunities
Opportunity (lead) form with custom fields
Customized form view of CRM opportunities
Custom fields: multiple types to select
Field types for custom opportunities
Different fields for different opportunity types
Custom fields depend on CRM lead types
Custom fields: drop-down choice
Selection fields for CRM opportunities and leads
Opportunity custom fields' menu
Menu for custom fields of leads
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