Vendor Product Management

The tool to administrate vendor data about products, prices and available stocks

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€ 44

The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps


Most of businesses are vulnerable to any change in supplies. Often when you sell a product you already need to know when and on which conditions this item would be purchased. This is the tool to efficiently access, update, and import information about your vendors' products, prices, and stock levels.

Involve vendors themselves in product management using the tool Vendor Products Portal

Vendor products catalog

The tool introduces a new stand-alone classifier of vendor products. Each supplier should have an own catalog with unique product names and codes.
Any vendor product might be linked to your own product. In such a way a purchase manager goal becomes to match 'their' products with 'ours'. Each of our product variants might have a few related vendor products.
Any purchase manager may create, update, and archive vendor-related objects. Any Odoo user with an access to products might rely upon vendor data for informational purposes.
As soon as you installed the module, Odoo would automatically create vendor products based on existing products' supplier infos.

Vendor stocks control

Manage vendor products' stock levels to make better decision while selling those. It is of especial importance in case of make-to-order logistic or drop shipping.
You may access info of vendor products' stocks right from product variant, product template, and supplier form views. You should just click a related button to get an overview.

Supplier prices management

Purchase managers keep and update prices of all supplied products.
Those prices are considered as standard Odoo 'supplier info' which correspondingly are used in purchase orders.

Comfortable importing of vendor product data

The tool let you import vendor products, prices, and stock levels as an Excel table.

Vendor products interface
List of supplier products
Control vendor inventories per each product
Supplier product quantities
Vendor product form
Supplier products in Odoo
Vendor stocks on a product form
Product variant supplier inventories
Import of vendor products and stocks
Wizard to import suppliers' products and stocks
The template for vendor stock levels table
The format of imported inventories' table
Stocks import wizard' recommendations
Help and hints in vendor stocks' import
Import of vendor products and prices
Wizard to import suppliers' products and prices
The template for vendor products' table
The format of imported prices' table
Prices import wizard goes with detailed recommendations
Help and hints in vendor prices' import
Configure your own configurations for import
Vendor import settings
Vendor stock level form per each product
Supplier quants per warehouse
Vendor locations list (not linked to our locations!)
List of supplier locations
Check results and errors of import
Import wizard results
Vendor stocks by product templates
Supplier inventory levels on a product template form
Access stocks of this supplier from a partner form
Vendor stocks on partner form
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