Stocks Access Rules

The tool to restrict users' access to stocks, locations and warehouse operations

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€ 28

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

The app goal is to manage users access to locations and product stocks. The tool let you better control movements and organize geographically distributed warehouse system

The tool is often used along with the module 'Stock by Locations'

A user would see only the locations and the stocks placed either on his/her locations and their children, or on the locations without accepted users stated
Define users on the form of locations or locations on a the form of users. Both approaches would lead to the same results. Be cautious: if no user is defined on a location form, those locations and the related stocks would be visible for everybody
If a user has a right for this location, he/she has an access to all its child locations
The rights are controlled for locations, stock quants (available inventories), pickings, stock moves, picking types (operations)
The rules are for everybody except Administrator and users with special rights 'Super Warehouse Manager'. Those users would see all the locations disregarding settings
The app is fully compatible with other Odoo Core Apps, including Point of Sale (POS)
The app support multi companies' environment

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Define users who may access that locations and its child locations
Locations accepted users
If a user has an access to this location, he/she has rights for its child locations
Child locations rights
Restriction rules are applied for all users except Super Warehouse Managers
Super warehouse manager
Define both users for locations and locations for users
Locations on a user form
Inventory levels without restrictions
Full inventory levels
Users are able to sale, purchase or transfer stocks only from their locations
Users' inventory levels
Warehouse operations without restrictions
All stock operations
Available operations for this user (based on default in and out locations)
Stock operations are restricted based on default warehouse
Stock pickings without restrictions
All Odoo transfers
Pickings of this user
Limitation for stock pickings
Full list of internal locations
Odoo internal locations Super Warehouse User
Limited access to locations
User has rights only for delegated stock locations


  1. After installation do not forget to assign at least one user to a location. If you left a field "Accepted Users" empty, such a location and related stocks would be visible for everybody
  2. Use the module only for internal locations. Otherwise, a user might loose control for certain actions like sales confirmation
  3. Each time this module is updated, Odoo tries to remove standard stock rules, e.g. 'Location multi-company'. It is necessary to avoid their recovery if 'stock' itself is updated. That's why in your server logs there might be warnings that a certain rule is not available for unlink. Those warnings do not influence Odoo work
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