Recurring Activities

The tool to plan and generate recurring activities according to the flexible timetable rules

13.0 12.0 11.0

€ 44

The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps


This is the tool to schedule activities for regular and automatic generation based on templates. With the app you are sure that all recurring tasks will be planned and assigned for proper users.

Recurrent activity for any existing Odoo object

The tool let you define rules what, when, and how frequent activities should be automatically generated. The rules to prepare repeated activities is available from the activities' systray in the header.
Each activity recurring rule represents a template where you can define:

  • Target document: the partner 'John Brown', the Opportunity 'Quote for 100 chairs', the order 'SO012-2019', etc.;
  • Responsible user;
  • Regularity: when and how frequent an activity should be repeated;
  • Deadline period: an activity creation date plus specified period in days (use the field 'Deadline in x Days');
  • Notes.

Configurable recurrence

The recurrence of activities is flexibly defined: each Tuesday and Friday, the first day or the second Saturday of the month, every 2 days, etc.

Secured activities

A recurring activity might be assigned for any Odoo internal user. You can grant responsible employee a right to prepare rules for any user or grant a right for a specific user to access own recurring activities.

Plan a recurring activity for any task with any regularity
Recurring activities by week days
Repeat an activity each month in a proper day
Schedule activities by months
Rules for scheduled activities is available from the Systray
Header entry for repeated activities
Have an unlimited number of rules for repeated activities
List of recurrent activities
Recurring activities planned by days
Recurring activities with x-days frequency
Plan regular activities per years
Recurrence with year frequency
Security for scheduled activities' rules
User rights for security activities
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