Sale Volumes Discounts

Pricelists are assigned based on sales volumes of a previous period

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The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

This is the tool to motivate customers to buy more by valuable discounts

Automatic price lists assignment based on sales orders totals related to the customer
Sales orders volume is calculated for a specified in days period
If no pricelists matched the criteria, public pricelist would be assigned
You may manually force price list right on a customer form, thus, excluding this partner from loyalty program
You may prioritize pricelists by defining sequence (the field pricelists priority)
Only sales orders with fully paid invoices are included into volume calculations
The app is fully compatible with Odoo price lists: the mechanics of the rules definition is the same
Full compatibility with other Odoo apps: new discounts will be applied to quotations, point of sale, e-shop, etc.

Feedback allows improving Odoo tools for you. If you tested the app, please leave a review on the product page

Use case

  1. You have decided to introduce a new loyalty program. You would like to reward customers with discounts if they buy much and frequently
  2. Thus, you should create price lists. Go to Sales > Configuration > Pricelists > Pricelists. You find it effective to introduce 2 rules
  3. The first rule is $1000 sales for a last month which leads to 5% discount. So in the pricelist "More than $1000" you flag "Automatic assignment", define "Sales volume" as 1000, "Sales days included" as 30, "Pricelist Priority" as 20. Then you create a pricelist version with only a rule 5% discount
  4. The second rule is $5000 sales for a last year which leads to 10% discount. So in the pricelist "More than $1000" you flag "Automatic assignment", define "Sales volume" as 5000, "Sales days included" as 365 and "Pricelist Priority" as 10 (this pricelist has higher priority). Then you create a pricelist version with only a rule 10% discount
  5. Today is 15/12/01. John Brown paid invoices for the following sales orders: 15/10/12 - $2000; 15/11/27 - $1500. Hence, he is assigned to the pricelist "More than $1000, 30 days" (sales volume for the last 30 days is $1500; but for the last 365 days only $3500)
  6. Today he bought goods for extra $2000 and paid the invoice immediately. That's why he is assigned to the pricelist "More than $5000, 365 days". Although both introduced pricelists suit, the yearly rule has higher priority

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