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The tool to remind for tasks' deadlines and to have individual working agenda per each day

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Project tasks daily list

Remind about deadlines and support Odoo users with individual tasks' agenda

The tool is to notify Odoo project users about all tasks with broken / today deadlines in the form of comfortable single lists. With this app your employees should just open a reminder email and start processing task by task. No delays, no excuses.

Key features

The reminder joins tasks in a single list individually for each user. There are no dozens spam notifications, just a concise table of tasks. You may go to a definite document through a link in each list item.

Tasks are included into the reminder under 2 conditions: (a) tasks' deadlines are in the Past or today; (b) they belong to configured project stages. The latter point means, that Odoo reminds only about important for you documents. There is no sense to notify about cancelled or finished tasks, isn't there?

You might configure the time and frequency of notifications using Odoo standard regular jobs. The email appearance might be edited through Odoo email templates.

Use case

  1. Demo is a project user. He is currently responsible for 9 tasks
  2. One is done and one is cancelled (you do not want to remind about those disregarding deadlines)
  3. Two are in 'To-do' (one with broken deadline) and five are in 'In progress' (one is with broken deadline and one is with today deadline)
  4. The reminder sends a reminder with the 'To-do' task and two 'In Progress' tasks.

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

To include tasks of this stage into the reminder, go to the menu unit 'Stages' of project configuration, find a necessary stage and check the box 'Send notification'.

To change frequency or time of the reminder, go to the Odoo technical settings > Automation > Scheduled Actions and find the job 'Notify users about overdue tasks'.  Change the interval number and the interval unit, if you want to apply different frequency. Modify the next execution date, if the goal is to send a notification in different time.

To change tasks table appearance go to the Odoo technical settings > Email > Templates and find the template 'Overdue tasks'. You might add columns or change style, but be cautious with dynamic values!

Do not forget to set users up: in order the reminder is received, a user should be notified by Odoo (see the field 'Email Messages and Notifications' of user preferences).