Synchronization between Joint and Google Calendars

The tool to establish a synchronization between Joint Odoo Calendar and Google Calendar

Version: 11.0

  • At the moment we accept only PayPal payments from individuals
  • The price includes all required Odoo dependencies to start
  • You receive source code as a link to download zip archives

Joint Calendar Google Calendar

Keep your organized calendars in touch with google calendar

This Odoo tool conducts a connection between Joint (Super) Calendar and Google Calendar. It works similarly to the standard synchronization Odoo and Google calendar but adjusts to the features of joint calendar. All events are contemporary with each other therefore it is useful to manage all your events and meetings.

Key features

It keeps all features of joint calendar such as attendees, privacy and alarms in google calendar and vice versa.

There is no confusion because each super calendar turns to separate google calendar (not primary) with the original names.

Synchronize events by clicking a button on Odoo side at any time you want.

Make changes in any (joint or google) calendar, after synchronization changes will tranfer to another calendar.

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

The app itself depends on the modules Joint Calendar and Google Calendar (public module).

To configure the synchronization you need to create the joint calendars firstly. Follow the instructions in its description.

Go to Events menu and select the joint calendar for synchronization.

By clicking on the button of synchronization for a first time, you will be offered to set up the integration settings between the Odoo and Google Calendar, if you have not done this before. To configure the integration you need to create the Credentials of the Google Calendar API:

  • Go to the Google API page.
  • Select the Calendar API and add it to a new or existed project.
  • Set Web browser (Javascript) as calling source and User data as kind of data.
  • Specify a name for the Client ID and the pages for redirect. The Authorized JavaScript origin is your Odoo's instance URL. The Authorized redirect URI is  Odoo's instance URL with ‘/google_account/authentication’ in the end.
  • After the configuration, go to the Credentials tab and take the Client ID and Client secret.
  • Put them into Settings → General Settings → Integrations → Google Calendar.

The next time it will be offered to authorize the user whose calendar will be synchronized. Verify that the user works with Google Calendar before that. After these steps, by clicking the button the current active calendar will be synchronized.