Stocks by Locations

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The tool to estimate inventory levels by warehouse locations right on a product form

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Stock Balance by Locations

Estimate inventory levels by warehouse locations right on a product form

With this tool users observe the stock levels by locations right on a product variant / template form. It improves the overall delivery process and makes it precise. Besides, you might assign a default warehouse for users. In that case the integrated inventories are shown only by locations within this warehouse, while for other locations users open the table. It is especially of use, when your company has a distributed delivery centres and salespersons are assigned for definite regions.

Key features

Track the product quantities in a table right on product form. Each table line represents an internal location.

Product quantities are divided into on hand (real stocks), incoming (planned procurement) and outcoming quantities (reserved quants), and calculated forecast.

Standard product stock values are shown only for the user default warehouse (if defined in configarations, otherwise for all warehouses) on the forms. To check product units in all locations, use the table described above.

The data and all the parameters are visible both for a specific product variant and for a product template (by all implied variants).

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

The app will work without any extra configuration right after installation.

The locations' table is placed on the product form in the 'Inventory' tab.

To configure the default warehouse, go to 'Setting' -> User form -> 'Preferences' tab. When you choose the default warehouse, all the product quantities will be recalculated automatically on the forms.

Users without access rights to the location cannot see available stocks. Look at 'Stock Access Rules' for more details.