Stock Access Rules

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The tool to control over users' access to stock inventories, locations and transfers

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Stock access management

Control users' access to Odoo available stocks, locations and product transfers

With this tool you may organize a distributed warehouse management system. The app let improve control over stock operations through restricting users in undertaking wrong actions. You define to which locations an employee has rights, while Odoo limits access to related documents: inventories, operations and operation types.

Key features

Users have access to an Odoo location, if they are stated in this location or in any of its parents as 'accepted users'. A location without accepted users is a global location, what means everybody has right for its related documents.

Users observe available stocks (on a product form or through inventory valuations), if they might access to a storage location.

It is possible to manage moves, picking and picking types, if you have control over both destination and source locations (default ones in case of operation types).

The rules work for all users, except ones with the special right 'Super warehouse manager' and Odoo administrators.

The app is fully compatible with Odoo standard apps, including point of sales (POS).

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

In order to configure the access to stock objects you should apply to locations a few accepted users. Take into account the following peculiarities:

  1. You may assign users to locations, or locations to users. It leads to the same result.
  2. A location without users is global, while everybody may control a location and related documents according to standard Odoo rules.
  3. Access rules cover only internal locations, Partner and virtual locations are not considered to be restricted.
  4. An access to stock quants (real products in your warehouse) is managed according to a linked location.
  5. An access to stock moves, stock pickings and operation types is managed based on (default) source and destination locations.
The app extends Odoo WMS multi-companies environment, but it doesn't contradict its features.
For flawless work, before installing the app, manually remove the following standard Odoo rules (Settings > Security > Record Rules):
  • Location multi-company
  • Stock_quant multi-company
  • Stock_move multi-company
  • Stock_picking multi-company
  • Stock Picking Type multi-company.