Single-List Reminders

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The tool to flexibly configure all-in-one single-list reminders related to any Odoo objects

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  • The price includes all required Odoo dependencies to start
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Single-List Reminders

Notify Whom you want about What you want

This app automatically sends the planned email notifications. You choose model, time and users, and at proper time the recipients receive an email with the list of objects. Moreover you may filter the objects list and contained data using a flexible interface.

Key features

Configure the selection of Odoo objects with user-friendly interface.

Include the objects list in the notification body or attach as an Excel table (this is useful when the list is too long!).

Customize the list view to show columns that you need.

Define the recipients and the receive time.

Administrator may easily test the selection of object.

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

To start using the app you should install the python module 'xlsxwriter' before.

To configure and create the reminder (also observe the screenshots above):

  1. Go to 'Settings' -> 'Notifications'. The interface of the reminder creation 'Notify Configuration' and 'Notification Requisites' is placed here.
  2. Create the field options in 'Notification Requisites' for the required model. It is necessary for the sake of correct work with computed and referenceable fields.
    • Types of fields are date, number (integer or float), link to another object (many2one).
  3. Define the reminder in 'Notify Configuration'.
  4. Filter Odoo objects by the formed rules in a page 'Rules'. Left leaf of rules is related to the field options of the notification requisites.
    • It is available to choose 'Send' or 'Do not send' criteria to include or exclude objects, respectively.
    • Comparison operations are 'equal', 'not equal', 'more', 'less'.  Operations 'more' and 'less' are not applicable to string and referenceable fields.
    • Date comparison is based on the difference in days. For example, 'Date > 5' means that an object date should be after today at least in 5 days. So, let's say today is 15.07. Condition will return True, in case a 'Date' is not earlier than 21.07. In the same instance 'Date < 5' will return True, only in case a 'Date' is not after 20.07. You may also use negative numbers. For example, 'Date < -1' means that object happened the day before yesterday or earlier. 'Date = -1' returns True, if a Date is exactly yesterday.
  5. Check the resulted list of objects by clicking on the 'Show' button.
  6. Configure the next conditions in a page 'Settings':
    • Recipients: notified partners.
    • Columns to show: needed data of objects. Choose the option 'Send as attachment' to attach the object list as the Excel table.
    • Planned jobs: time and interval of notification sending.
    • Misc: email language.
  7. Send notifications right now if it is needed by clicking on the 'Notify' button.

As soon as you complete these steps, the recipients will be notified of the related objects at the proper time.