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The tool to introduce loyalty program and to adjust customer prices according to sale volumes history

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  • The price includes all required Odoo dependencies to start
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Automatic pricelists discounts based on sales history 

Reward your clients for buying much to motivate for further purchases

This tool is to introduce a fair and efficient customer loyalty program. The idea is to automatically provide discounts, when clients purchased much, but only for further baragining and only for a limited period.

Key features

Loyalty program is based on Odoo standard pricelists and registered sale orders. Observe below how to make configuration.

The app works fully automatically, meaning that a rewarding pricelist is assigned each time his/her order is marked done (locked). Thus, discounts would be applicable until a  sales volume for a defined period is not below a required level. However, a client would receive a bonus at least for the next purchase disregarding how much time is passed.

You might have an unlimited number of rewarding pricelists. For example, for yearly and monthly volumes or for sales of different sizes: "$10000 yearly -> 5%", "$50000 yearly -> 20%", "$500 monthly -> 1%". Manage their priority using the sequence field. 

If you want to reward a customer separately or not to reward a customer at all, assign a manual pricelist on a partner form. Then, automatic volume discounts will not be used.

In case Odoo had not found any pricelist matched current customer sales history, it would assign the Public pricelist.


Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

To configure a bonus pricelist (observe also the screenshots above):

  1. Turn the setting 'Advanced pricing based on formulas' under the sale configuration menu.
  2. Create a new pricelist.
  3. In this pricelist check the box "Automatic Assignment".
  4. Define a required sales volume in order to be included into a loyal program, e.g. '$10,000'.
  5. Specify the period in days. In which period in the past from today, a customer should make purchases to be rewarded. For example. sale order dates should be within 365 last days.
  6. Indicate a pricelist priority. The lesser, the more important this pricelist is. Assign lesser sequence for the most fruitful discounts.
  7. Apply a rule or rules to calculate bonuses.
Customers get loyalty benefits as soon as any of his/her sale orders is done/locked. The same equally works for removing a client from a program.
In case no rewarding pricelist is found based on this customer sale orders, the public one will be in use.
To change a partner pricelist manually disregarding real sales history, use the field 'Force Sale Pricelist'. 
The module is fully compatible with standard Odoo apps. Final price is used in sale quotations, e-shop, point of sale, etc.