Sale Line Variants

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The tool to observe product variants in a sale line while making a quotation

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Sale Line Variants

Substitute a variant in a sale line with different attributes

With this tool salespersons are able to easily offer and replace products with new attributes. The feature is available when you prepare a sale quotation right in each line of an order. It is useful for upselling purposes (Ipad 32 gb has higher margin than Ipad 16gb?) and just to make your customer happy.

Key features

Alternative attributes are reached through the button in a sales line in both edit / readonly modes.

In a list of variants salespersons observe all important details as they are in variants list view. 

It is possible to substitute chosen previously product in a click. Price, description, unit of measure and other characteristics will be automatically updated.

The app is compatible with core Odoo apps, including WMS (available stocks are in a wizard of variants!).

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

The app doesn't require any sort of further configuration. To start using: open any quotation -> add a sale line -> press the button