Numerical Attributes Configurator

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The tool to prepare multiple variants distinguished by numerical attributes (width, heigh, etc.)

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The configurator for numerical attributes values 

Generate numerical attribute values (width, height) and apply them for product templates

With this tool you create product numerical values comfortable and fast. Usually it is a big Odoo issue to generate multiple values for such attributes as height or width. The range is too big to do it manually. This app let do it simply.

Key features

The configurator works through the special wizard accessed from a product template or from the special menu.

You might be flexible in assigning values. Use your own increment, start and maximum values.

It is possible both to generate Odoo numerical values and unlink existing values in a batch.

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

The app is ready for use right after installation.

Take into account the following use peculiarities:

  • The field 'Comment' is to add value label (compare '100' vs '100 cm')
  • In the field increment and in the both start and maximum values you might enter float numbers ('10' vs '10.25')
  • To avoid excess values use a few lines. For example, from 80 to 120 cm the increment is 10; while from 140 to 160 cm it is 5 (observe the screenshot above).
The process relies upon Odoo standard mechanics of variants' generation. It might be quite slow. If you have thousands of possible values, either create them in a few steps, or increase Odoo timeout.