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The tool to exclude automatic inclusion of email receivers in object followers

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No Automatic Followers by Notifications

Prevent automatic addition of users in object followers

This app is created to alter mail subscription of any Odoo model with a mail thread.

This tool prevents a standard automatic inclusion of all notifications receivers. At the same time it provides a simple tool to add users as subscribers of a particular message.

Key features

By default of this tool recipients are not subscribed to the objects if they received a notification

Just flag a checkbox in an email composer to force automatic subscription

The app works for the most of objects with the mail thread

An example on how to use the tool

  1. Open any object with the mail thread. For example, Sale Order
  2. Push a button 'New message' or 'Send by Email'
  3. Flag a checkbox 'Subscribe recipients' and include any recipient
  4. Check whether indicated recipient was subscribed


Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

The app will work without any extra configuration right after installation.

Be cautious: some apps re-write subscription policies in a hard way. For example, for the version 8,9 and 10: if portal_sale is installed the module would not work for sales orders. Use the tool Sale No Auto Subscription to avoid the issue.

The module might be in contradiction with a number of community-built apps. Make sure that no other apps in use fully re-write methods 'send_mail' of the model 'mail.compose.message' or 'message_post' of the model 'mail.thread'.  If so, you should make 'Private thread' to depend on such tools.