MRP Potential

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The tool to learn how much the production may promise

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Production potential and capacity forecast

Know your production capacity based on components' stocks

The tool goal is to provide Odoo users and their clients with up-to-date information about how much it is possible to produce now and in the future. The app let not only promise a sale delivery, but promptly reveal current bottlenecks:

  • MRP potential demonstrates how many products might be manufactured if we used all physical stocks
  • Bottleneck component shows a component which is of the most need for production
  • MRP forecast indicates how much it is possible to manufacture if we also use planned incoming shipments and do not use reserved products (forecast quantities).

Key features

All the figures are calculated in real-time. Each time you opens a product card, you observe up-to-dated numbers.

The basis for the calculations are this product bill of material and data about components' real and planned stocks. Odoo also takes into account hierarchical character of bills of materials, meaning that components of components (and further) are considered as well.

If a service or consumable products are included into a bill of material, they would not influence the figures. However, you might include consumables through the app configuration menu.

Capacity calculations example

  1. Imagine you manufacture a tablet, which is produced of a Graphics card, Processors (2 units) and a Computer case
  2. The latter is also made of a case and 2 locks  
  3. Physical and planned inventory of cases is 11, while locks' stock level is 19. Hence, it is possible to produce 9 Computer cases: 19 locks are enough for 9 items, while 11 cases are enough for 11 items. Meanwhile, we have no finished computer cases at all 
  4. 9 computer cases are enough for 9 tablets. Besides, We have 16 graphic cards (enough for 16 tablets), and 11 processors (enough for 5 tablets). Thus, we might really produce 5 tablets. It is our MRP potential.
  5. The product which is of the most demand is a processor (it blocks the 6th tablet production). It is our Bottleneck component.
  6.  According to planned shipments and sale reservations, we forecast 208 processors, 13 graphic cards, and -3 computer cases. The latter means that we may plan to produce 6 computer cases (there are enough components for 9 items productions, minus 3 reserved). Those inventories are enough to manufacture 6 tablets. It is our MRP forecast.

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

After installation, Odoo will re-calculate the figures for all existing products, no extra actions are required.

MRP indicators are visible only for product variants which have bills of materials

To include / exclude consumables from calculations go to the MRP configuration panel, and check / uncheck the box 'Do not calc consumables in MRP potential'.