Lost Messages Routing

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The tool to manage undefined incoming messages and redirect them to proper Odoo documents

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Lost messages routing 

Route undefined messages to a proper Odoo document

This is the tool to keep and manage Odoo lost incoming messages. It frequently happens, that Odoo is not able to define where to assign a new message. The reasons might be different. For instance, you customer instead of replying to a message, create a new email to a catchcall address. Another example is when a target object is unlinked or some email data is incorrect for parsing. Anyway, in those cases message are undefined, and in standard Odoo it is impossible to reach them at all. This tool solves the problem.

Key features

All the lost messages are kept safe in the single interface under Odoo email technical settings.

Odoo administrator might simply route a message through the button on a message form.

You can redirect an email to any Odoo document though selecting a model and, then, a required document.

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

The app is ready for use immediately after installation. Only Odoo administrators with activated developer mode (technical features rights) might route lost Odoo messages.