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The tool to create individual user-driven Odoo backend branding

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  • The price includes all required Odoo dependencies to start
  • You receive source code as a link to download zip archives

Odoo customizable branding and interface

Play your Odoo backend up to users' preferences and styles

With this tool you create individual Odoo interfaces in a few clicks. Define colors and experiment with backend pages' and menus' appearance. Besides, the app removes irritating branding, and it let assign a theme individually per each user. We developed the tool especially and only for the Community Odoo edition.

Key features

It is possible to prepare a new branding theme for backend interface in a few minutes.

Create an unlimited number of various styles. Assign any for definite users or let them make own choice. 

Within each theme you might configure header, left and top panel font and background styles. Use colorpicker to achieve cool results!

Hide or unhide menus in user menus. For example, remove the link to Odoo support for a certain group.

Assign a page title and a favicon for backend pages. It might be also different for various users!

Instead of the basic "Powered by Odoo" footer have your own one (indicate content, color and url) or fully delete it. 

Customizable interface replaces Odoo bindings and logos.

Access the Odoo standard email style in a click to modify it.


Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community Odoo database. To install Customizable Interface it is better to use the OCA module 'web_widget_color'. Find the source code here.

The module might be in contradiction with a number of community-built apps. Make sure that no other apps modify Odoo web templates. Thus, if you had tools which introduce similar features (remove some branding or change backend interface), we can't guarantee their compliance.

To prepare a new backend theme go to Settings > Interface > Themes. Beside style, here you might also make a theme default for new users or assign branding for all existing Odoo users.

To allow/forbid users changing a theme go to the menu unit Settings > Interface > Settings, and check/uncheck the box "Allow users to change an interface theme through preferences".

Only users with Odoo administrating rights are granted access to modify or create a new theme.

Do not forget to refresh a page after selecting a new style. If no theme is selected, standard Odoo colors would be applied.