CRM Pipeline Surveys

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The tool to make salespersons ask right questions on each pipeline stage

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  • The price includes all required Odoo dependencies to start
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Surveys through CRM pipeline

Manage surveys at each stage of sales funnel

This is the tool to make your salespersons follow predefined scenarios of questions. You configure a survey for each pipeline stage, which results will be directly linked to opportunities. Salespersons are asked only to push a button and to gather all essential for business details. Comfortable in use, the app forces Odoo users to undertake proper actions.

Key features

The app connects an Odoo survey with a specified pipeline stage. Questions are available through the button on an opportunity form. Depending on a stage, the button leads to different surveys according to your choice.

A few survey questions might be linked to definite opportunity fields (text, dates and numbers). When you open a survey, answers by such questions are auto-completed based on existing lead values. When you save a survey, results are saved directly to opportunity columns. 

There might be an unlimited number of surveys answers related to each pipeline stage. It is possible to access results of all previous surveys through the special opportunity tab.

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

Create CRM surveys using the standard Odoo app 'Surveys' according to the same logic. 

If you want to connect an opportunity field to a survey answer, select a desired field on a question form (the field 'Related to Lead field'). The feature is viable for char, text, date, integer and float types.

Do not forget to indicate a survey for a pipeline stage. Otherwise, it will not be opened through the button.

Be cautious: the app Odoo Survey depends on the 'website' module. Thus, its installation will make Odoo Website Editor installed.