CRM Duplicates

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The sales manager tool to know customers' and pipeline cases' duplicates in real-time

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Customers', opportunities' and leads' duplicates real-time search and detection

Know duplicates in advance to avoid double work and broken communication

This is the tool of CRM duplicates detection, which warns or restricts sales persons in undertaking wrong actions. With this app you configure your own duplicates' criteria in order not to have the same customers and the same leads/opportunities managed twice. 

Key features

You define criteria of being a duplicate by yourself. Observe the configuration tips below. 

It is possible to set up 'soft' and 'rigid' duplicates search. The former is to warn about possible troubles, while the latter is to fully avoid them (no way to save such a document).   

Sales persons always know, how many soft duplicates this object has on form, tree and kanban views.  Users might open the list in a click.

If there was a rigid duplicate, such a partner or a pipeline case would be shown right at the moment of saving changes. 

The tool fully supports multi companies: it is possible to have equal partners, leads and opportunities, but which relate to different companies.

You might easily manage soft duplicates using the special filters 'Potential duplicates'. It doesn't contradict standard Odoo de-duplication tools.

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

To configure duplicates detection you should apply required criteria for soft/rigid search of partners/cases. Go to the sales configuration menu unit > CRM Duplicates. Look at the screenshots above.

As a criteria you might use any field of a related model ('res.partner' and 'crm.lead' correspondingly). The possible field types are char, text, boolean, selection, many2one, integer and float. Thus, you might search by email, mobile, name, by parent or related company, even by next activity date or expected revenue. To learn a field technical name, activate Odoo developer mode and hover over the field label in a form view of any partner or opportunity.