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The tool to inform your salespersons about important activities

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Opportunities single to-do list  

Keep your salespersons informed of overpassed and today actions

The Odoo tool is to notify your salepersons about the overdue and today activities in the form of single lists. Every morning salepersons receive email with the important opportunities. Thus, with this app your employees are provided by useful tool to start a day.

Key features

The reminder is individual and is related to the each user's pipeline.

The notification consists of a comprehensible to-do list with the most important activities. It is possible to reach a certain opportunity by a link in each list item.

Activities are included into the list according to activity date and checked stages. The latter point means, that Odoo reminds only about up-to-date and important for you actions.

You might configure the time and frequency of notifications using Odoo standard regular jobs. The email appearance might be edited through Odoo email templates.

Use case

  • Dan Green is your employee and he is currently assigned to the 7 opportunities as a salesperson.
  • The next actions are defined as:
    1. 'Pricing Information of Services' - "Email: 11/19/2017, Stage: Qualified"
    2. 'Want to subscribe to your online solution' - "Email: 11/19/2017, Stage: New"
    3. 'Interest in your products' - "Email: 11/20/2017, Stage: New"
    4. 'Trainee's training plan in your Organization' - "Call: 11/21/2017, Stage: Qualified"
    5. 'Would appreciate more information about your products' - "Email: 11/21/2017, Stage: Proposition"
    6. 'Plan to buy RedHat servers' - "Call: 11/22/2017, Stage: Qualified"
    7. 'Invest in you Partnership Contract' - "Call without date, Stage: New"
  • Stages "New" and  "Proposition" are checked to be notified.
  • Today is 11/21/2017. Thus, Dan Green will get the single list containing opportunities 2, 3, 5.

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

To include activity of the opportunity stage into the reminder, go to the menu unit 'Leads & Opportunities' > 'Stages' of CRM configuration, find a necessary stage and check the box 'Send notification'.

To change frequency or time of the reminder, go to the Odoo technical settings > Automation > Scheduled Actions and find the job 'Notify users about important activities'. Change the interval number and the interval unit, if you want to apply different frequency. Modify the next execution date, if the goal is to send a notification in different time.

To change table appearance of a to-do list go to the Odoo technical settings > Email > Templates and find the template 'Notification about important activities'. You might add columns or change style, but be cautious with dynamic values!

Do not forget to set users up: in order the reminder is received, a user should be notified by Odoo (see the field 'Email Messages and Notifications' of user preferences).