Advanced Sales Pricing

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The tool to configure complex pricing based on product attribute values

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Sale Pricing based on advanced attributes formulas

Make variants prices depend on attribute values to have efficient pricing

This tool supports sale managers in introducing product pricing system. The app let assign coefficients and extras for attribute values of a definite template. The final price of a variant, thus, depends on a template price, values linked to this template and own extra price.   

Key features

You might add multipliers and extras for any attribute value or leave them zero-valued. Those figures are template-specific, what means you can have different impact of a value for various products.

The order of attribute values is important, since the price is calculated successively value by value. Drag and drop lines to change sequence. Be cautious: the order of values is the same for all templates.

It is possible to indicate variant own extra price, which would be added to a calculated price.

The tool is fully compatible with Odoo pricelists. It means that a calculated price might be further adjusted with discounts and rounding of price rules.

The app doesn't contradict Odoo standard features. For example, resulting numbers would be used in E-shop, sale orders, etc.

Price calculation example

  1. Imagine you sell Ice cream for $5
  2. It might have different flavour and size (product attributes)
  3. You offer chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours. While the former two tastes do not impact your costs, the latter requires to add fresh fruits. That is why you ask customers to pay $1 extra
  4. Size may be standard or premium. Premium ice cream is 20% more expensive for all flavours. It means, that 20% multiplier should be applied to already flavour-adjusted price. Hence, the order of attributes is 'Flavour, Size'
  5. Thus, 'Ice cream, strawberry taste, premium size' price is ($5 + $1) + 20% = $7.2
  6. Besides, you understand that 'Ice cream, chocolate, premium size' is very popular and you may ask a higher price, for example, a $1 more (variant own extra price). Then, its price is [($5 + 0) + 20%] + $1 = $7.
Odoo advanced pricing example

Installation and configuration

The tool is ready to be installed in any Community or Enterprise Odoo database.

To apply attribute values coefficients for a definite template, go to this product and press the button 'Variant Prices'. Then, introduce required values for the columns 'Price Extra' and 'Coefficient'. Drag and drop lines to change the calculation order. It is significant that sequence of values is the same for all products, while multipliers and extras are template-specific. 

To assign variant own extra price, open the variant and enter the number into the field 'Variant Extra Beside Attributes'.

To observe final prices open variants' tree view, for example, using the button 'Variants' of a template.

In comparison to Odoo standard features, variant prices are readonly. You would not be able to indicate it manually: use always formulas.

The app is fully compatible with Odoo core apps, including pricelists, e-shop, quoting.