Odoo Tools FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Odoo Tools store

How do I pay for apps?

At the moment we accept only PayPal from individuals. This service provides a few payment methods, including credit cards. 

How do I receive a tool after payment?

You would get a link to download source code files for email address you indicated through checkout. Be patient, sometimes it takes time for payment transactions to be approved.

How should I install modules?

  1. Put source code files into your Odoo add-ons folder
  2. Re-launch Odoo server
  3. Update apps list
  4. Install tools.

I select one app, but there are several modules in my cart

But the price is not changed! It is because a module might have the required technical dependencies and it does not work without them.  We will send you the source code of all dependencies, excluding only core Odoo apps.

I found a bug

Leave a claim in here.

The tool is good, but I need more

Leave a claim in our wishlist.