Make-to-order Odoo Tools

Invest in Odoo app to speed up its development

Do you ask for a feature which is not covered by core Odoo apps? Do you need it fast to satisfy business needs? Then, here is your offer to get a solution with a limited budget. 

We create tools inspired by thousands of companies worldwide. So if your requirements were not too individual and if they might contribute to the common benefit of typical Odoo users, we would be happy to help.  Look at the wishlist section, where website visitors constitute our long-run development plans. However, we know that some matters are urgent, when 'long-run' is not sufficient. For this particular case, you might follow the investing approach to accelerate the jobs.

Our goal here is dual: to make you happy and to develop a valuable app. If it is possible, we ask for a reasonable payment to suit your individual deadlines. Remuneration let us re-order the priorities to make a module faster. Simultaneously, it is anyway below standard market rates, since we already believe in your idea and reserve a right to sell tools afterward. Sounds good? Then, send us your ideas and we would provide you a good offer.

Step One. Define an app goal

Look at the list below how your requirements should look like to get the desired result. Forward us a specification through the form at the bottom of this page. 

Step Two. Approve 

Consider what we are offering: price, deadlines and restrictions. Is it Okay? We would start ASAP after a small payment arrival.

Step Three. Enjoy the tool

You receive a link to download the source code ready to be installed in your Odoo database. Enjoy the module and find it in our Shop.

How to prepare a specification for a new Odoo app

  1. Indicate an Odoo version in use. The team prefers to work with the newest ones. However, if an idea is cool, we might agree to develop for previous platforms as well
  2. Specify your prime goal and a problem, which you are trying to solve
  3. Describe user stories, which should be covered by an app, think of possible exceptions and contradictions
  4. Make a specification concise (up to 2 pages) but contemplate on important details
  5. [Preferably] Let us know, how much you are ready to invest in the tool