Odoo Tools Wishlist

Share your ideas to bring them into real apps

The wishlist is our framework to organize long-run goals. We are motivated by real Odoo users to create tools, which enrich and complement its features. Do you have an idea how to improve our existing app? Would you like to have a new Odoo module to cover definite business needs? Share your thoughts on the form below. We will include the jobs in our development plans in case:

  • We understand your requirements and know how to efficiently realize them
  • The final module might bring to the common benefit of a significant number of Odoo users
  • This tool doesn't duplicate other solutions
  • There are no contradictions with Odoo principles and core work flows.

As soon as the feature is ready, we would notify you. Since the wishlist is quite long, usually it takes up to a few months to be done. If you can't wait, you might speed development up using our make-to-order offer.

How to describe improvements in our existing Odoo tools

  1. Indicate the app name or its technical name, your Odoo version
  2. Specify the prime goal of new features. Why should we develop them?
  3. Describe how you see the process as an Odoo user (use cases). What buttons, menus, behaviour do you observe?
  4. Please, be concise.

Numerate requirements for a new Odoo app correctly

  1. Describe a problem, which you are trying to solve
  2. Make a list of use cases, think of possible exceptions and contradictions
  3. Be concise (up to 2 pages), but contemplate on significant details
  4. Indicate an Odoo version in use in order we might notify you, when a tool is ready exactly for your version
  5. Let us know how much you are ready to pay to purchase such an app in the Shop.