Track Number Notify

Automatic customer notification of delivery data referred to a carrier website

9.0 8.0

€ 26

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

If you are using external carriers to deliver your goods, it is worth notifying your customers where and when to keep on top of delivery. The app enriches Odoo "delivery" app. Its goal is to automatically forward an email to the customer (or any partner defined in a stock picking), when the track number is changed.

Define external carriers websites to put a reference in notifications
Each notification is added to the mail thread history right under a delivery order (or any stock picking)
Notification template and style are editable via standard Odoo tools (Settings > Technical > Email > Templates > "Track Number Notification")
Be cautious: there is restriction for delivery track number to send notification specified as 5 symbols. Besides, do not forget to specify customer email: if this stock picking doesn't have a customer or a customer doesn't have an email, notification will not be sent

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Email sent
Odoo email sent
Delivery carrier website
Odoo delivery carrier website
Track number
Odoo Track Number Notifications
Email template
Email template for delivery number notifications
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