OwnCloud / NextCloud Odoo Integration

Manage Odoo documents in OwnCloud/NextCloud (bilateral sync)

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The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

The app goal is to automatically keep Odoo documents in OwnCloud. Odoo is a great ERP system, while OwnCloud is designed to manage files. The integration let you benefit from both solutions

Odoo documents are put in OwnCloud regularly (by default once an hour). Till a synchronization is completed, attachments work in a standard Odoo way
With a first sync, the app creates OwnCloud directories, which structure repeats Odoo database logic: 'Odoo/ Model / Object / Attachment'. For instance, 'Odoo / Sale Order / SO-001 / commercial_offer.pdf'. OwnCloud users easily find, access and edit Odoo files
All synced Odoo attachments are opened through OwnCloud, including preview managers based on OwnCloud configurations and documents' extensions (e.g. OnlyOffice editor might of use for inline editing of .doc files)
Rename folders and files in OwnCloud without any doubts

Bilateral integration

  • When a new filed was uploaded to OwnCloud, it would appear in a related Odoo document in attachments
  • As soon as any OwnCloud user edited a document, a linked Odoo attachment forwards to the updated version
  • If a file is removed from OwnCloud, a related Odoo attachment is also deleted
  • Backward integration relies upon folders' structure. Thus, if you added a document to 'Odoo / Sales Order / SO-001', a new file would be added to the attachments of the sale order number one.
OwnCloud Odoo Automatic Sync
Odoo OwnCloud Files Integration
Preview and Editing as in OwnCloud
Odoo OwnCloud Preview
OwnCloud Settings in Odoo
Odoo OwnCloud configuration
Simply find, access and edit Odoo files through OwnCloud
Directories Structure
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