OneDrive / SharePoint Odoo Integration

The tool to automatically synchronize Odoo attachments with OneDrive files in both ways

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The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

Odoo document system is clear and comfortable to use. However, it is not designed to work with files as OneDrive does. To process attachments users need to download a file, to change it, and to upload back. Documents are not synced locally and Odoo doesn't have powerful previewers and editors like Word or Excel. OneDrive doesn't have such disadvantages. This is the tool to integrate OneDrive features into your Odoo business work flow. The app automatically stores all Odoo attachments in OneDrive and provides an instant access to them via web links. In such a way users work with files comfortably in OneDrive, while the results are fully available in Odoo.

Synchronization is bilateral. All Odoo attachments are put in OneDrive regularly. OneDrive files create attachments in Odoo in case they are placed in a correct folder
Integration is automatic. Based on scheduled jobs Odoo would send attachments to OneDrive and retrieve files from there
Synchronization works for SharePoint sites, OneDrive for business, and personal OneDrive. In the first case the files are kept in preselected documents library, in the latter two – in a user' documents library
Odoo attachments, which are put in OneDrive, receive the URL type. It means that a file is not any more kept in Odoo server space, but now it is in OneDrive. Until sync is done, Odoo attachment remains binary and stores actual file
When you click on a synced attachment, Odoo automatically redirects you to a file previewer. Among others it might be Word or Excel editor (if Office365 is set up)
OneDrive files synced from Odoo has the structure to provide the backward sync: Odoo / Model / Object / files (e.g 'Odoo / Quotation / SO019 7 / commercial offer.png').
If you add a file to an Object folder (e.g. inside 'SO019 7'), that file will create an attachment in Odoo (e.g. for the sales order SO019) with a link to real file in OneDrive. You can put in object folders not only files but also child folders. In that case in attachments a link for this folder is kept (not its content)
You can rename/move folders or files in OneDrive without a harm for Odoo attachments. The only thing you should not do is to delete folders
If an attachment is removed from Odoo, a related OneDrive file will be deleted as well. Files removal from OneDrive leads to related Odoo attachments unlink
Synchronization is based on a single user endpoint. It means that you should login in OneDrive only once. Afterwards for integrations Odoo would use that credentials disregarding an actual Odoo user. Make sure, however, that real Odoo users have an access to OneDrive to open URLs linked to their attachments

Synced files are simply found in OneDrive. Add unlimited number of files or folders here
Odoo attachments as OneDrive files
Odoo attachments are the same as OneDrive files
Integrate Odoo and Onedrive
Odoo model gets own OneDrive folder if at least its single object has an attachment
Onedrive models structure
Each Odoo object which has attachments gets own folder
Onedrive object directory


Preliminary steps

The tool depends on external libraries 'microsoftgraph'. Install this library for your Odoo server through the command: pip install microsoftgraph-python

SharePoint sites

  1. Go to your Azure Portal and prepare a new application:
    • Grant the app full permissions for Office365 SharePoint online
    • Assign the reply url as [YOURODOOSITENAME]/one_drive_token (e.g.
    • Generate a new key. Keep it safely somewhere for the future use
  2. Go to your SharePoint site and prepare a new documents' library (drive). You might use one of the existing ones, e.g. 'Documents'. Odoo folder would be put there afterwards, and it would be impossible to move it for another library
  3. Go to the OneDrive configuration menu:
    • Copy 'Application ID' to 'App client_id'
    • Put a previously generated key to the field 'App secret key'
    • Enter the 'Redirect URL' as you entered 'Reply url' in Azure Portal
    • Check the boxes 'OneDrive for business' and 'Use sharepoint sites'
    • The SharePoint URL should be of the type https://[URL]/. The last '/' is required, sitename should not be included into. For example,
    • SharePoint site should be either my_site_name (in that case it is considered as sites/my_site_name) or sites/my_site_name (instead of 'sites' it might be 'teams' and so on). There should be no '/' at the beginning or at the end. For example, sites/odootools
    • As Documents Library use one created in SharePoint
  4. Press 'Save'
  5. Press 'Login and Confirm'. Odoo redirects you to Microsoft login page. Check in and grant permissions asked.
  6. After login, Microsoft redirects you back to Odoo. OneDrive – Odoo synchronization is ready to be done.
Create application in your Azure Portal
Azure application for OneDrive Sync
App's permissions
Onedrive app permissions
App's permissions
Onedrive app permissions for Odoo sync
Redirect url should be https://[yourodoosite]/one_drive_token
Odoo Onedrive redirect url
Generate a secret key
Onedrive Odoo secret key
Create a new SharePoint Documents Library
Sharepoint library for Odoo
Create a new SharePoint Documents Library
Sharepoint library for Odoo
Enter configuration keys in Odoo
Configure Odoo for Onedrive
Odoo attachments are ready for sync with Onedrive files. Press 'Sync to Onedrive' for the files upload
Odoo Onedrive configuration

Personal OneDrive and OneDrive for business

  1. Go to
  2. Click 'New registration'
  3. Introduce a new name for the application and assign the redirect URI as [YOURODOOSITENAME]/one_drive_token (e.g.
  4. Copy the Application Client ID to the Odoo field 'App client_id'
  5. Go to Certificates & secrets > Click 'New Client Secret'. Copy the secret value to the Odoo field 'App Secret Key'
  6. Press Save on the Odoo configuration Page
  7. Press 'Login and Confirm'. Odoo redirects you to Microsoft login page. Check in and grant permissions asked
  8. After login, Microsoft redirects you back to Odoo. OneDrive – Odoo synchronization is ready to be done.
Create OneDrive application
Odoo onedrive perosnal application
New OneDrive Web platform and redirect url
Onedrive redirect url
Generate new secret for your application
Odoo new OneDrive secret
Enter configuration keys in Odoo
Configure Odoo for Onedrive personal


Reconnection is required in 2 cases:
  • You use this tool with version prior to 1.2.0. In that case you should also install the library 'microsoftgraph'. Look above
  • You have not used the sync tool for more than 6 months
In both cases the token should be refreshed. To that goal:
  1. Press the button 'Reconnect'
  2. Press the button 'Login and confirm'

Scheduled jobs

You may change the frequency of sync jobs. To this end:
  1. Turn on debug mode
  2. Go to technical settings > Automation > Scheduled jobs
  3. Find the jobs 'Synchronize attachments with cloud' and 'Synchronize attachments from OneDrive'
By default sync is done once a day. You may make it rarer or oftener. Preferably, do not make it oftener than once an hour. Otherwise, Odoo would not be able to make one sync, before another one is started.
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