Lost Messages Routing

The tool to make sure you do not loose any incoming messages

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The app is a tool not to loose incoming messages. For various reasons standard Odoo sometimes is not able to define, to which objects messages should be attached. Those messages are completely lost. This module solves the troubles.

All lost messages are kept in the special menu ''Settings > Technical > Email > Unattached Mails''
Push the button 'Route manual'. This button would open the wizard, where you can easily select an object to which a message should be assigned. Just select a model (e.g. Sales Order) and any real instance (e.g. Sale Order SO 123)
The features are available for SuperUsers only

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Unattached Messages Menu
Odoo Unattached Messages Menu
Open Wizard through the Button
Odoo Open Wizard through the Button
Wizard to Assign Messages
Odoo Wizard to Assign Messages
Final Thread
Odoo Final Thread
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