Flexible Timetables and Shifts

Let employees manage timetables and control their plans' fulfilment

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€ 142

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

This is the tool to allow employees planing flexible timetables and to efficiently control their attendance.

Employees plan own timetables through Odoo calendar (look at the menu HR > Timetables > Calendar)
Employees observe others' timetables to arrange team work and meetings
Users create timetables based on weekly templates. Mass create for a few weeks is also available
HR managers compare planned and actual timetables (based on hr_attendance data) through the special interface (look at the menu HR > Timetables > Timetables)
Employees are notified by email, if they have not created timetables for a next week (on Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Employees are notified by email, if they are not at work place (are late or leave a work place too early) once an hour. Include users into the both reminders by flagging 'Time notify' on an employee form
Employees indicate and observe a context of their work time, what may be of importance in case of distant work or business trips
Work time is displayed on calendar according to a current user's time zone, what is essential for geographically distributed teams

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Employees Timetables Calendar
Odoo Team work and timesheets
Register New Work Time
Odoo Plan working time
Timetable Plan and Control
Odoo Flexible timetable
Timetable Template-based Generation
Odoo Create timetable

Locale required

To start using the app you need to have proper locales on your server to all languages used. For example, en_US.UTF-8 or fr_FR.UTF-8. To install a new locale:

sudo locale-gen fr_FR.UTF-8 sudo update-locale

Then re-launch Odoo

Notifications are configured per each employee

Do not forget to flag "Time notify" (the tab "HR Settings") on an employee form to include him/her into timetable reminders
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