Sale Order Approval Check Lists

The tool to make sure a sale order is ready for the next stage

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To make a sale, each company undertakes a specific sequence of actions which usually involves various user roles and various requirements to be fulfilled. Control of that process is both complex and extremely important. If a salesperson misses a step, a promising deal might evolve to a drastic failure. This tool is to make sure that a sale order is always ready to the next stage and all intermediary results are approved. The app let you prepare a check list per each state, force users to confirm all points, and control approval by responsible managers.

Check lists per sales team and order state

Checklists are defined for each sales team what let you reflect various work flows depending on applied sales typology. Sale managers by themselves specify what and on which order state should be done and approved. A set is unlimited, might reflect custom stages, and it is as unique as you want.
As a result when a sale order has an assigned team and gets its state updated, a check list would be automatically prepared.

Sale order multi approval flow

In order to move an order to a new state, a sales person needs to enter all confirmation points and get approval for ones he doesn't have a right to enter.
Since the tool let assign user groups for each checklist line, you may force various employees to take part in a sale evolvement. In such a way it is guaranteed that all actions are done and carefully checked.

Approval history

If a user marks a check point as done or as not done, the action is carefully recorded in the history. In such a way you always can investigate who and when makes a sale approval. It guarantees transparency and employees commitment.

Indicative checklist to-do

Not yet done check points are shown right on the tree of quotations and on the list of sale orders. You may distinguish those by colors and always search them by key words.

Super checklist user

In any workflows you may encounter exceptions. Sometimes sales persons would reasonably like to move an order forward although not everything is done. For example, when a customer is super perspective or is a loyal partner.
In such a case you should assign the super check list access level for yourself or for any responsible manager. A user with such rights would be able both to change an order sate without approving check list and confirm any check point disregarding security restrictions.

Sale team checklist settings
Check list per team and order state
Check list is unique per order state and team
Approval points per sale order state
Approval involves various user roles
Check point security access
Quotation state can't be changed until checklist is confirmed
Check list mist be done to move an order further
Odoo scans check list progress for any attempt of state update
Send by email button check list
Check lists to-do on tree views
Quotations tree with check items
Search orders by check point to be done
Search by check lists
Super checklist user has full rights for any check list
Check list super access level
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