OwnCloud / NextCloud Odoo Integration

The tool to automatically synchronize Odoo attachments with OwnCloud / NextCloud files in both ways

13.0 12.0 11.0 10.0 8.0

€ 394

The price includes all necessary dependencies = €264 (own price) + €130 (Cloud Storage Solutions)


This is the tool to integrate NextCloud / OwnCloud features into your Odoo business work flow. The app automatically stores Odoo attachments in NextCloud / OwnCloud, and it provides an instant access to them via web links. In such a way users work with files comfortably in the cloud storage, while the results are fully available in Odoo.
The tool work is guaranteed by a few apps:

  1. Cloud Storage Solutions - the technical core which provides basic mechanics of auto synchronization. This is a required module for integration. Its price is €130.
  2. OwnCloud / NextCloud Odoo Integration - the connector itself which introduced links between Odoo and NextCloud / OwnCloud. Its price is €264.
  3. Cloud Sync for Enterprise Documents - an optional add-on to sync Odoo documents (introduced by the enterprise app 'Documents') with clouds. The features assumed by this add-on are marked by the icon . Its price is €44.

Selectable documents types for sync

You decide by your own which Odoo document types should be synced. Customers, opportunities, sale or purchase orders, tasks or issues, employees or users, so on and so on.
The tool let you split any business model into a few directories. Have a separate folder for individuals and companies, for European and American opportunities, for each project, etc.
Moreover, it is possible to guarantee that only topical documents are synced by using relative periods: leads registered in the last 3 months, invoices updated the last week, and so on.

Automatic and bilateral integration

Odoo sends attachments to NextCloud / OwnCloud and retrieves files from there based on scheduled jobs. No manual interaction is required.
Synced attachments are physically kept only in a cloud storage, what increases Odoo interface performance. Simultaneously, you can open documents from Odoo or download those in a single click.

Direct access to NextCloud / OwnCloud items

The tool redefines Odoo attachments boxes to make sure users may work with synced files comfortably:

  • Click on attachment to open it in NextCloud / OwnCloud in a new tab (necessary to be logged in NextCloud / OwnCloud). Look also at the section 'Internal and Public URLs' below.
  • Click the icon of cloud to start downloading file from NextCloud / OwnCloud (no extra check in is required)
  • Push the button "Open cloud folder" to open all files related to this document.

Fully integrated and compatible with Enterprise Documents

The synchronization will work for any document type including custom objects disregarding in what module it is introduced.
It does not contradict printing, mailing, or Enterprise documents features.
For the latter it is also possible to fully reflect directories structure, not only sync standard attachments.

Works according to specs

I have used this app with Odoo 12 and Nextcloud 16 and it works as specified. Odoo Tools offers very responsive support which is really helpful. Of course 5 stars...!

NXD-Audio in the Odoo Apps Store

This is Awesome

I have used Cloud Sync on Next/Own Cloud and works really great.

Humberto in the Odoo Apps Store

NextCloud / OwnCloud Sync logs in Odoo

Sync activities might be logged. Control over files and folders creations, moves, name changes and removals. Just turn on the option 'Log sync activities', and you would be able to observe the history through the button 'Sync logs'.

Default folders for documents

The tool let generate default directories' structure for this document type during the very first sync of a related object. For example, for all employees you may have pre-defined folders 'Scans', 'Scans/Official', 'Photos', etc.

Quick access to NextCloud / OwnCloud files and folders
Integrate Odoo and NextCloud / OwnCloud
Apply to NextCloud / OwnCloud right from Odoo chatter
Synced items right in Odoo chatter
Choose document types to be synced
NextCloud / OwnCloud models structure
Document type might have a few folders based on filters
NextCloud / OwnCloud documents filtered
Synced files are simply found in NextCloud / OwnCloud. Add unlimited number of files or folders
Odoo attachments as NextCloud / OwnCloud files
Document types folders in NextCloud / OwnCloud
Any Odoo model to be synced
All document of this type has an own folder
All documents are synced to NextCloud / OwnCloud
Direct access from Odoo documents to NextCloud / OwnCloud
Odoo documents sync interface
Enterprise Documents in NextCloud / OwnCloud
Synced NextCloud / OwnCloud folders
Enterprise files in NextCloud / OwnCloud
Direct link to NextCloud / OwnCloud
Logged synchronization activities
NextCloud / OwnCloud Sync Logs
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This tool has been developed in cooperation with IT Libertas - one of the leading Odoo integrators in Russia.