Joint Calendar

The tool to combine different Odoo events in a few configurable super calendars. Shared calendar. Common calendar.

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The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps


Daily work of the most Odoo users runs around a few document types. Sales persons cope with opportunities and sale orders, HR officers process interviews and appraisals, procurement managers occupy themselves with purchase orders and shipments. Simultaneously, users need to keep in mind a lot of details spread out among numerous interfaces. Switching between those is not comfortable and error-prone. This tool solves the trouble. The app let you configure rules to join different document types on a single super calendar view with powerful reminders and easy-reach source objects.

Multifarious events on a single calendar

The tool might merge any Odoo document types on the same view: opportunities, meetings, phone calls, activities, sale or purchase orders, shipments and deliveries, tasks and tickets, so on and so on. It is even possible to place the same document twice on the same calendar with different start or stop date.
Besides, you may have an unlimited number of joint calendars with various events, configurations and user groups included, divided by teams or functional areas. Each joint calendar has an own menu item.
Super calendars are updated automatically according to the scheduled jobs. It is fast, especially if you applied time frames.

Fast switching between functional areas

Shared calendars are especially suitable for team interactions. Users might switch between different document types in a single click or work with all of them simultaneously. They can show only own items, items of selected persons, or items disregarding who is responsible.

Topical and relevant information

Depending on goals a different piece of data might be of need. What is more important now: expected closing or its activity deadline? The tool let you configure by your own what to consider a joint event title, start or stop date, who are event owners in a definite super calendar.
You may also define which documents to show by setting up special filters. Show opportunities but not leads. Work with orders of this sales team but not of others. Merge only overdue activities but not future ones.

Automatic reminders for any Odoo document

Spend 10 seconds to configure alarms for all objects of the same type. You may warn users about closing time, missing deadlines, due dates. By email or as a pop-up reminder. Once configured, the schema would work forever.

This makes the Event Calendar so much more useful !

We bought this to combine certain project tasks with the schedules of our maintenance engineers. We now have a better overview which moments are overlapping the schedules of other events. The joining of multiple events in 1 event calendar is super easy, it should be a standard option in ODOO.

Sander Galestien in the Odoo Apps Store

Better then expected

The app does exactly what was needed. Combine all tasks from all calendars to one. And allows to manages all activities from all modules in one place.

Arseniy in the Odoo Apps Store

Excellent responsive team of programmers

Joint Calendar is the perfect addition to the standard Calendaring system that Odoo offers. It makes the job of setting up specific departmental calendars filled with any objects you wish very easy and Alex and the team provides fantastic after-sales support, responding in most cases within 24 hours to requests for help. Thanks for a great module.

Bill Ennals in the Odoo Apps Store

Essential to have Activities, Tasks, Meetings etc all in one calendar and shared.

Great service support very quick and were right on with fixing the issue... I think the ability to see everything on one shared calendar is such an essential part of coordination and time management. Great product once you sort out the rules you need!

Saul in the Odoo Apps Store

Quick access to source details

Joint events and their source documents are connected: if a user applies changes, those changes would update the both. Besides, you may also create an 'independent' event which is not linked to any Odoo object.

Simple user rights administration

You might regulate an access for a particular joint calendar right on its form. Make it public or share it only for chosen user groups.

Used in any functional area

The coolest thing about joint calendars is that you may use it for any sphere: CRM, project management, sales, HRM, MRP, so and so on.

Joint document types on a single calendar
Odoo super calendar events
Joint event form with simple access to parent document
Parent object from Odoo joint event
Multiple rules to search documents by types
Shared calendar: combine various events
Joint calendar settings
Advanced settings of joint calendar
Configure pop-up alarm for any Odoo event
Reminder by joint event
Email reminder by any Odoo object
Email notification of joint event
Joint event rule (example of opportunities)
Opportunity joint events
Joint event rule (example of sale orders)
Sales orders joint calendar
Joint event rule (example of meetings)
Meetings joint calendar
Joint event rule (example of tasks)
Tasks joint calendar
Joint event rule (example of time offs)
HR leaves / holidays merged
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This tool has been developed in cooperation with IT Libertas - one of the leading Odoo integrators in Russia.

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