Employees Contact Full Details

The tool to keep complete and easy-reach employees' contact information

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The price includes all necessary dependencies = €0 (own price) + €28 (Partners Contact Full Details)


Odoo provides a short list of fields for contact data: phone, mobile, email, and website. Your communication is much more complex. Chat applications nicknames, social media accounts, links to various web pages are extremely valuable for any business today. It is possible to put this information into employees' notes, and... forget that details, since they are out of view and they are ugly ordered. That is why you need this app. It is the tool to have complete, easy-reached, and well-structured contact data for your employees.

The tool is a free add-on to the tool Partners Contact Full Details

Complete employee information

The tool is introduced for Odoo employees.
Contact details are not limited or restricted. Add any sort of contact data and keep as many records you like. Contact information should be full and complete! Have multiple phone and mobile numbers, numerous email addresses, as many Skype or WhatsApps links, etc.

App-linked click behavior

Each contact detail is easily distinguishable by a clear icon and an optional comment.
A contact record is provided with an own click behavior to reach the target link or the target application without effort.

Easy-reached and well-structured contact details

Copy a contact detail in a single click for immediate using or forwarding.
Drag and drop records to achieve the structure you like.
Remove obsolete information.

Contact details in readonly mode
Contact details readonly
Contact details in readonly mode (expanded, in case there are more than 7 records)
Contact details readonly expand and collapse
Contact details in edit mode
Contact details editable
Form to create and edit contact details
Contact record create and edit
List of available contact info types (icons)
Contact info types and formats
Employees' search by contact details
Search by misc contact data
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