Activities To-Do Interface

The tool to process activities one-by-one in a single interface

13.0 12.0 11.0

€ 28

The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps


This is the tool to combine all user activities in a single to-do queue to process them one-by-one. It let avoid excess browsing and allow users to fully focus on their tasks.

2 clicks to start working

To-do list is available from any Odoo screen. Disregarding what you are doing right now, you may simply switch to activities.

Any decision by each activity

To process activities queue efficiently and not to be distracted, users are offered to select any of actions:

  • Mark activity as done;
  • Finish with a feedback added to communication history;
  • Skip and switch to the next task;
  • Returned to skipped actions at any moment;
  • Create a new activity based on results of a current one;
  • Cancel task and keep going.

Full information to do a task

Access a related document (e.g. opportunity, task) in a single click right from a current activity.
Besides, the tool let users observe progress in real-time to feel satisfaction of each action done.

Only topical activities

By default activities with missed or today deadlines are included into a to-do list. But each employee might optionally add future tasks.
Users might select by their own which activity types should be inside to-do list. For example, to work with emails and calls but not with meetings.
Configuration is applied per each user individually.

Works perfect! Author is very helpful too

No conflicts with any other modules. Installed right the first time and works exactly like I expected it to. Highly recommended

Ted Lemmy in the Odoo Apps Store

Activities' to-do list is reached in 2 clicks
Activities interface shortcut
Work with activities one by one without extra browsing
To-do activities interface
Users feel satisfaction of done job
Activities done final page
Enter feedback to done activity
Mark activity done with comments
Users select their own activity types to work with
User activity types preferences
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