Task Check List and Approval Process

The tool to make sure required jobs are carefully done on this task stage

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The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

When you define project stages, you consider some requirements a task should satisfy to be there and to be moved forward. Those requirements are of high importance to make project running smoothly. Missing of any step might lead to a long-run troubles. To avoid those troubles use this tool. The app provides a check list for each task stage to control over requirements' fulfilment, and to make sure that each action is fully approved by responsible users.

Check lists are assigned per each task stage. Set of check list points is up to you. Check list fulfilment is shown on task kanban and form views to easily control progress
As soon as a task is moved to a certain stage, its check list is updated to a topical one from this stage. For example, actions for 'draft' and 'in progress' stages should be different, shouldn't they?
To move a task forward through your project pipeline, a check list should be fully confirmed. By 'moving forward' any change of stage with lesser sequence to a bigger sequence is implied
Confirmation might assume involvement of different user roles. Certain check list points might be approved only by top-level employees. For example, cost calculations are confirmed by Financial managers. In such a case just assign a user group for this check list item
Check list actions are saved in the task history. In case a task is moved back, already done check list items would be recovered. However, in case the 'not saved' option is set for the item up, the point should be approved each time from scratch
The tool let you grant users with the super check list rights right on a user form. In such a case, such users are able (a) to confirm any check points disregarding defined user groups; (b) move any task further without fulfilling check lists
For certain situations you do not need a check list fulfilment even a new stage is further. For example, for the 'Cancelled' stage. In such a case just mark this stage as 'No need for checklist'

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Task check list per stages
Stage specific check items
Task stage check lists
Check items per project stage
Check list to be confirmed before moving a task further
check list not approved validation error
Approval process distributed by various user roles
User groups per check items
Tasks check list progress kanban view
Check actions progress
The super rights to approve any check items and move tasks
Task check list super user
Check list tree view
Check list own view
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