Task Auto Numbering and Search

The tool to quickly access and simply reference tasks by automatic numbers

12.0 11.0

€ 28

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

Unique task identifiers are obligatory for efficient project communication. How much time do your users spend to find a referred task? Beside the matter of comfortability, mistakes and delays are merely dangerous, especially if discussion includes clients and external partners. This tool solves the problem by automatic tasks' numbering, and by letting users access a task by a reference in a single place from any Odoo interface.

Task number is generated automatically as soon as this task is created
The numbering is consecutive by all projects and companies. In such a way no users or clients confuse tasks, since they have a definite and unique reference
The tool introduces the quick search box by reference numbers. This search box is available in the header for project users (only!) disregarding where this user is in Odoo. It let access tasks in seconds, while the previous interface is saved in breadcrumbs address
In case a single task is found by quick search, Odoo directly opens its form. Otherwise, you will see found tasks' kanban. If a user doesn't have rights for a task, such task is not shown for her/him
In the portal automatic numbers replace mere task IDs. Thus, portal users may use the same numbers for referencing tasks
Optionally include project codes into the number. It is especially useful to open all tasks of certain project in a click from any Odoo view
The tool let configure prefix and suffix of a number, include current month or year, define size and steps
During initial set-up and, if necessary, afterwards you may generate numbers for all tasks (on the configuration page), for tasks of this project (on a project form view), for a certain task. The developer mode is required, since the action re-defines existing reference numbers
Tasks' numbers are shown on kanban, tree, and form views. It is possible to search tasks by numbers using standard Odoo search and quick search of this tool

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Access tasks be reference number from anywhere in Odoo
Quick search by tasks
Quick search by project code leads to found tasks' kanban
Few tasks found by quick access
Task reference number in portal for external communications
Portal task numbering
Tasks numbering configuration and set-up
Tasks numbers configuration
Tasks sequence update: prefix, suffix, size, steps
Project task ir sequence
Numbers on tasks kanban view
Kanban tasks numbers
Numbers on tasks tree view
Tree tasks numbers
Numbers in the portal tasks' list
Portal list of tasks numbering
Quick search box is available on any view
Quick search box

Installation Tips

In order the widget works correctly, re-start Odoo server. If you faced the error 'Qweb2: Template is not found': restart Odoo server > refresh the page (Ctrl+Shift+R)
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