Stocks by Locations

The tool to make inventory data essential and comfortable for elaboration

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€ 36

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

Salespersons and warehouse managers mostly work with a single location. Staff from Madrid would hardly make quotations for clients from Berlin. That is why aggregated Odoo stocks levels are awkward to use. Surely, you might push a few buttons, apply groupings and filters to retrieve required product information. However, is it comfortable? Hardly. Moreover, it is confusing since sudden misunderstanding leads to inexecutable promises. So, you need a tool to provide essential inventory data at a glance, but to keep details by locations easy-reach and clear. Here it comes!

The tool make it possible to link users and warehouses to which they are working ('default warehouse')
At a glance on products you see only the inventories which are essential for you. Odoo stock levels are calculated for your warehouse
For details look at the hierarchy of stocks. Here are all internal locations you have an access to
Get opened, the hierarchy introduces 3 levels. Expand to show more. You retrieve data fast and comfortably
Locations without products on hand or without products planned are excluded to provide a clearer picture
Users might work both with product variants and product templates. Get an overview of quantity on hand, forecast quantity, incoming and outgoing quants number per each internal location
Sales order delivery is planned from a warehouse of its salespersons. This warehouse is changed each time as a salesperson is changed
Sales managers get an instant outlook of inventory levels right from a sales line in a single click
New Export stock levels to an Excel (xlsx) table in a single button click right from a product form

Feedback allows improving Odoo tools for you. If you tested the app, please leave a review on the product page

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Inventory levels on product variant form (minimized view)
Stocks by locations for variants
Inventory levels on product variant form (fully expanded view)
Stocks by all locations for variants
Salespersons and warehouse managers default warehouse (preferences)
Odoo users default warehouse
Sales order warehouse is applied based on salesperson warehouse
Sales order default warehouse
Stocks by locations from sales orders and quotations (opened)
Sale order available stocks by locations
Stocks by locations from sales orders and quotations (to open)
The sales button to show inventories by locations
Inventories by locations on product template form
Stocks by locations for templates
Standard inventory figures are calculated for default warehouse only (kanban view)
Kanban stocks for Odoo default warehouse
Standard inventory figures are calculated for default warehouse only (tree view)
Tree stocks for Odoo default warehouse
Users settings to apply default warehouse
User is linked to warehouse
The xlsx table of inventory levels
Stock inventories xlsx export

Python dependency

To provide the feature of Excel table export, install the Python library xlsxwriter:

pip install xlsxwriter

Installation Tips

In order the widget works correctly, re-start Odoo server. If you faced the error 'Qweb2: Template is not found': restart Odoo server > refresh the page (Ctrl+Shift+R)
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