Reordering Rules Per Categories

The tool to prepare re-ordering rules per product categories

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The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps


When you have a lot of products, especially generic ones, it becomes a challenge to generate and keep topical re-ordering rules. This tool solves the issue. The app let you assign minimum stock rules per product categories. Batch and accurate updates save your time and diminish risks of human factors.

Stocks by product category not per each individual item

The app introduces a new warehouse concept – a reordering rule per product categories. This rule let inventory managers configure Odoo to automatically create product variants' minimum stock rules with the same setting within a current category.
In such a way you may set up inventory levels for thousand types of screws and hundreds kinds of nails within a minute.

Super fast batch creation of minimum stock rules

The tool relies upon SQL direct queries optimized to create and update thousands of items in seconds. For example, preparation of rules per 10,000 SKUs takes less than 5 seconds during the tests.

Reordering rules as soon as you create or update a product

The app takes into account various scenarios depending on when a rule should be prepared or updated. It aims to simplify stock manager work by forehanded and automatic assignment of reordering rules.

Manual re-ordering rules are still possible

Although rules per categories are really efficient, sometimes you want to manually assign a re-ordering rule per a very specific item. This tool let you achieve that goal as well.
To that end just go an item rule and unlink it from a category rule. Manual rule is prime to automatic ones, so the app would not any more update its settings.
It also relates to existing rules: no one of those would be changed after you installed the app. If you want to fully update manual rules, you should firstly delete or archive those.

Minimum stock rules per product category and location
Auto inventory levels by categories
Assign a rule per each category-location combination
Re-ordering rules for product categories
Auto variant rules according to its category
Reordering rules for products based on a category
Different scenarios to update product re-ordering rules fast and accurate
Product re-ordering rule per all variants
Make manual rule per product disregarding its category
Force manual rule for variant which is prime to category re-ordering rule
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