Product Dynamic Codes

The tool to flexibly and automatically update product internal references

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The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps


This is the tool to implement product automatic coding which satisfies your real requirements. The app is flexible enough to reflect almost any product reference structure, since it let you define as many code parts and as complex criteria as you like.

As soon the app is installed, current products' references might be re-calculated

Advanced rules to construct product reference

Specify an unlimited number of code positions of internal references. For example, the first position relates to a category, the second – to a manufacturer, the third – to the attribute 'material', etc.
Code positions for certain products might be empty: e.g. for services there is no sense to have a code part of the attribute 'material'.
Each position has rules to generate a code value. For example, for products made of aluminium it is '-AL', for products with material steel it is '-ST'. In order a code part is calculated for this product, there should be at least a single rule this product satisfies.

Static and dynamic code parts

Each rule might lead to a static code (e.g. '-AL') or to a dynamic one. In the latter case a real product property is used. For instance, the first 2 letters of a category or a year of a manufacture date.

Automatic generation of codes

Product references are updated regularly.
For certain product templates and variants you can switch the auto update off. If you mark items as 'Manual reference': their codes will be not generated by rules. References become editable for such products and should be updated by users.

Coding relies upon standard Odoo tools

Codes are calculated in a current user language (cron jobs are done under Odoo SuperUser). Try to avoid using translated fields in codes generation.
Product coding is global: rules are applied to each company in the same way. Simultaneously, you can restrict products in rules by using filters by company.
The right to define product coding rules belongs only to Odoo administrators.

Product reference is updated according to coding rules
Product automatic code example
Have as many code positions (parts) as required
Code position to make product reference
Use product field values to generate auto references
Product dynamic code (manufacturer example)
Apply static code parts based on products filtering
Static rules in product coding
Code rule with filtering by categories
Product category rule for references
Product automatic reference (example)
Example of auto product code update
Flexibly configure rules to combine a product internal reference
Product coding rules and settings
Exclude products from reference automatic updates
Manual code for products
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