Periodic Reporting and Reminders

The tool to generate and periodically send reports and reminders

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The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps


Many users prefer simple lists to Odoo dynamic interfaces. Sometimes it is truly comfortable to open a set of documents and process them one by one without extra clicks. It is even better if the system prepares such a list for you regularly. Besides external partners usually do not have an access to objects, while certain statistics should be available and carefully shared. For such situations this tool serves. It let you configure automatic reminders for any Odoo document type in a form of lists, where each record will satisfy criteria you have chosen, will suit pre-defined time frames, and will contain only the data you would like to share.

Any Odoo documents' reporting

The tool might be configured to send periodic reports and reminders for any Odoo documents.

Configurable statistic and appearance

Lists' appearance is configurable and let you select columns to show.
Send a table right in an email or/and as Excel (xlsx) table.

Filtering and periods for analysis

Select topical documents based on relative periods: last or next days, weeks, months, years.
Apply any sort of filters to include only required documents

Flexible recurrence

Send lists at any moment: everyday, each last Friday of a month, on a definite date of the year, and so on.

Reminder for any Odoo partner

Any partner might be one of reminder recipients: internal or portal users, customers, suppliers, and even Odoo mail channels.

Periodic reporting manager

Grant rights to configure reminders for any user.

Great and very useful app

First of all, the team behind this app is great, support is immediate, and response is fast. The application is very useful in managing any type of notification to keep you updated with all what's happening within your company.

Amro Khamis in the Odoo Apps Store

Configure lists of records to be sent according to chosen periods
Lists reminder relative periods
Filter Odoo records to be included into a list
Dynamic lists filter
Configure list columns and reminder appearance
Lists columns and view
Remind to any user, customer, supplier or send lists to Odoo channels
Odoo lists followers
Followers regularly receive lists on their email
Reminder email
The Excel (xlsx) table is optionally attached
Xlsx table attached to a reminder
Flexibly configure reminders frequency
Reminders sent time options
Send reminders weekly on predefined weekdays
Weekly reminders
Define a month day for lists notifications
Odoo monthly reminder
Make reminder monthly on predefined weekdays
Monthly reminder by weekdays
Make any user prepare lists reminders
Odoo reminder manager
Reminder managers may configure lists only for documents they can read
Model read access is required for model reminder
Good at Odoo domains? Turn on the debug mode
Reverse Polish Notation for complex Odoo domains
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We guarantee to provide a working plan by your issue within 5 days. The most of issues are solved within 2 business days.

This tool has been developed in cooperation with IT Libertas - one of the leading Odoo integrators in Russia.

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