Lost Messages Routing

The tool to make sure you do not loose any incoming messages

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€ 36

The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps


Sometimes Odoo does not manage to address incoming messages. For example, it happens when your customer doesn't reply to a message, but sends a direct email to your catchall address. In that case such email is completely lost, while clients become more and more irritated. This tool solves the issue. With this app you gets full control over all lost messages and you can attach any Odoo message to a proper document thread.

No messages are lost

All messages which Odoo has not managed to route are kept under the special menu unit. In the debug mode go Odoo technical settings > Email > Lost Messages.
You may also configure Odoo to send a notification by each lost message to manage them in real time. Go to the Odoo general settings > Email Section and check the box 'Lost messages notification'. Then choose users which should be notified.
The features are available for users with rights for administration settings (Administration/Settings). Take into account that this module make all unattached messages available for the group Administration/Settings (like this user is a SuperUser).

Simple addressing of lost messages

  • Open any lost message and decide where such a message should be forwarded. To this end press the button 'Route manual'.
  • In the pop-up wizard select a required document type (e.g. a contact or an opportunity), and a target document (e.g. 'Agrolait' or 'Prospect for 1000 Pcs'). Here Odoo restricts users' selection to viable ones which have a real message thread.
  • As soon as you press the button 'Attach Message', Odoo would route a message to the chosen document.

Not only lost messages

Use the feature not only for lost but for any messages. In the debug mode go Odoo technical settings > Email > Messages. Via the same button 'Route manual' users might re-attach messages to another object.

Awesome app! MUST BUY if you use Odoo!!!

The app helped us alot. Some our customers send us an email and got lost in the process. with Lost messages routing the messages got stored and we can place the mail into the correct corresponding process. plus excellent support from Odoo Tools with adding a new feature to send an e-mail to selected users whenever a lost message is found. 10/10!!

Okan Hollander in the Odoo Apps Store

Amazing App and fantastic support

I bought the addon for v10. At the beginnig the addon did not work well. Then I requested an improvement feature, they did it in just A FEW HOURS. I am very happy, the addon is working perfectly, is just what I was looking for. Very excelent support Thanks a lot Odoo Tools Team

Jesus Astuvilca in the Odoo Apps Store

It works very well

It is very useful, it helps us to efficiently serve our customers.

Oriana Maita in the Odoo Apps Store

All lost messages are combined in a single list
Odoo Unattached Messages Menu
Lost messages are simply distinguishable and are easy to address
Odoo Open Wizard through the Button
Routing a message is fast and simple
Odoo Wizard to Assign Messages
Routing results in a target model thread
Odoo Final Thread
Responsible users optionally received notification by new lost messages
Lost message notification email
Configure to be notified of new lost messages
Lost messages notification
Already attached messages might be re-routed
Usual messages forwarding
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