CRM Daily Reminder

The tool to notify salespersons of topical activities by leads and opportunities

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€ 28

The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps


This is the tool to remind salespersons of leads and opportunities by which an action should be undertaken today or in the Past

Configure your own single-list reminders for any Odoo records using the tool All-In-One Lists Reminders
Some email clients / browser might partially spoil the table appearance

Single reminder for all opportunities actions

Notification is done as a single email with all actions combined in the table. No dozens useless emails.
The tool gathers all CRM leads / opportunities and checks whether the next action should be done urgently: today or in the Past.
Only important leads/opportunities are included into the reminder. Choose CRM stages on which leads should be taken into account.

Individual list of actions

The reminder is sent for each salesperson individually. If a user does not have overdue leads, he will not receive a notification at all.
Each line of opportunities' table contains an individual user link for an instant access to a related document.

Configurable opportunities reminder

A reminder is sent once per day, but you can change frequency or time.
You may also modify email appearance and change set of columns.

All opportunities are combined in a single salesperson to-do list
Odoo CRM reminder
Choose stages for notifications: remind only of topical leads
CRM stages for reminder
Reminder template change
Change daily notification of activities
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This tool has been developed in cooperation with IT Libertas - one of the leading Odoo integrators in Russia.

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