Contacts Duplicates Real Time Search

The tool for real-time control of contacts' duplicates

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€ 86

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community

The tool price includes all necessary dependencies

This is the partner managers' tool to exclude double work and broken communication through fore-handed exposure of duplicates of contacts: customers, suppliers, any Odoo partners

This tool is the adapted version of the tool CRM Duplicates Real Time Search to search partners' duplicates without CRM installed

Search of duplicates is real-time. You see results as soon as you save a contact
The tool is fully configurable. Duplicates are defined according to your flexibly set up rules
Use rigid criteria to fully exclude duplicates creation. Odoo would not allow to save a partner, if any duplicates were found by rigid rules
Use soft criteria to warn users of possible duplicates but not restrict them in such duplicates creation. An instance access to potential duplicates is available from form and kanban views. Besides, use the special filter for duplicates analysis
As duplicates criteria use any field of the following types: char (name, email, phone, mobile, etc.), text (descriptions), many2one (reference for a parent company or a related customer), selection (for instance, type), date and datetime (e.g. birthday), integer and float (any unique code or even planned revenue)
A document is considered as a duplicate, if it satisfies any of criteria. For all types except 'char', a duplicate should have absolutely the same value (e.g. '123' = '123', but '123' is not equal '1234').
[Only for soft search] For char fields it is the operator 'ilike', thus, 'agro' is considered to be a potential duplicate of 'Agrolait' (but Agrolait is not considered as a duplicate of 'agro')
New You may restrict search only for companies and stand-alone individuals. If the option is checked, Odoo will search only for and only among partners without parent
The module supports multi companies. Duplicates are searched within a certain company. Thus, there may be equal objects related to different corporates
The app is fully compatible with the Odoo standard tool to merge partners

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Configure soft and rigid criteria to search duplicates of contacts
Odoo configure soft and rigid criteria to search duplicates
Users can't save a partner if there is a rigid duplicate found
Odoo partners rigid duplicates
Warn salespersons of possible contact duplicates
Odoo search customers duplicates
Instant access to partner possible duplicates from kanban
Duplicates kanban view
Contacts overall duplicates analysis
Filter customers duplicates
Partners tree: observe potential duplciates counter
Customers list possible duplicates
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