Advanced Variant Prices

The tool to configure variant prices based on attributes coefficients and surpluses

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The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps


In many industries product variant price strictly depends on its attribute values. Such dependency might be both cumulative (adds / subtracts some sum) and multiplicative (adds / subtracts certain percentage). This is the tool which let you quickly configure pricing in that way.

Advanced formula to calculate variant price

The tool introduces pricing formula which you influence through as a number of template attributes fields:

  • Add an extra price for any attribute value of this product template. For instance, plus 5 Euro if color of iPad is red
  • Assign a multiplier to a template attribute value: 10% extra if size of Ipad is 12.9'
  • Define independent product variant extra price. E.g. iPad 12.9' 64GB needs an extra 100 Euros in addition to attributes coefficients
  • Define values' sequence to apply coefficients priorities: firstly screen size impact, then memory, finally color.

Different attributes coefficients for different product templates

An attribute value might influence price of various products in a different way. For example, red color of iPad might add 10% to the price, while the same color of a fridge would not have an impact at all. This is why the tool let you assign different coefficients and surpluses for the same attributes of different templates. Just push the button 'Configure variants' on a required product template.
The final price is calculated successively attribute by attribute: the order is important! Drag and drop lines to change sequence.

Compatibility with Odoo 12 product configurator

The tool would calculate variant price disregarding whether it actually exists. In particular, attributes with options 'never create variants' and 'create variants only when the product is added to a sales order' would influence sale price.

Real-time pricing in any sale

The price is updated in real-time and is immediately visible on any product variant view. The advanced calculation would be applied in quotations, on E-shop pages, or in your point of sale.

Advanced pricing as a base for Odoo pricelists

Calculated variant price might be also amended by pricelists formulas (the option 'prices computed from formulas'). In such a way, a final product price might be further amended by a special discount or converted to another currency.

Quick response, helpful team. Just what I needed.

I'm very happy for finding this module. And also the support team is very prompt. Super satisfied with customer support. Will definitely check out for more modules from this reputable company. Cheers!

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Super support team

This module is awesome, had a few minor things to fix and the dev team fixed it and update their modules within 2hours. Super service!

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Configure price calculations on a template form
Product template base price and attributes configuration
Assign coefficients and surpluses per attribute values
Direct attribute value impact on pricing
Variant might have an own extra price beside calculations
Product variant own surplus and final advanced price
Each product variant has a unique calculated price
Results of advanced calculations
Variant price in Odoo 12 product configurator
Odoo product configurator: attributes pricing
Even 'to create' and 'never created' attributes might influence pricing
Variant optional attributes
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